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Professional Organizing in western mass

Are you ready to create space for flow in your life?

My approach to home organization works best for particular kinds of people.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

You want to simplify your life by decluttering your space, but you don’t know where to start. On top of that, you feel guilty about bringing anything new into your space because you feel like you should be getting rid of stuff.

You’ve been making an effort to declutter and have achieved some success, but now you feel stuck. You’re struggling with piles of stuff that move around your space without a final destination, and you're unsure of where to go from here.

Your space is pretty organized, but you find yourself struggling with a problem area. Maybe certain surfaces pile up with all kinds of stuff and it's been a challenge to keep it clear. Or, there’s that one spare room or closet that’s filled with random stuff and is currently unusable for anything else.

You have a home office or studio but you don't like using it. You find yourself taking your work to the couch or the dining room because it's not comfortable to work in there. Meanwhile, your work has been making it difficult to relax in your living room or eat at your dining room table.

You decorated your space beautifully, but all of that pesky clutter is killing the vibe. Rather feel uplifted in the environment you created, you can’t help but fixate on the mess.

You can’t remember the last time your space looked neat. There’s random stuff everywhere, and you feel suffocated. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tolerate and you don't know what to do to fix it.

You have trouble locating crucial items like your keys, wallet, phone, or documents. Too often, you find yourself late to appointments or missing important deadlines, and you need to find a way to make a change.

You spend too much time cleaning and re-organizing. Your efforts always seem to break down sooner or later, leaving you back where you started. You long for stability and it feels out of reach.


My approach works for...


women who live alone or with a partner

working or stay-at-home mothers

professionals who work from home

spaces of any size


Plus, my most successful clients share these values:

You cherish your home life. Your home is a place where you can relax, be yourself, and nourish yourself and others. When your space doesn’t feel like home, it has an impact on your wellbeing.

You’re a lifelong learner. You enjoy acquiring knowledge and cultivating a new skill, especially if it has the power to improve or enhance your life.

You want lasting results. While you don’t want to spend more time and energy than necessary, you're not interested in band-aid solutions that will lead you back where you started. 

You care about the environment. You recognize that our society’s consumption habits are unsustainable and want to be part of a change our planet desperately needs.

I help my clients bring their vision for their space into reality with three simple principles.


So many people struggle for years to get organized without lasting success.

Much as women are made to feel like they “should” know how to do this themselves, most simply haven’t yet learned the skills and strategies that are needed to achieve sustainable results.

Sometimes, clients confess their embarrassment that they’ve “had to” hire me.

In reality, my clients are way ahead of the game because they recognize that they don’t have these skills and strategies and have accepted that there’s a steep learning curve to “figuring it out” for themselves.

They also realize they’d benefit from a professional opinion because they’re having a hard time getting clear about what’s going wrong in the space that they’re in all the time.

The bottom line? My clients have courage and self awareness. And they value their time and energy enough to call in support so they can put these struggles behind them once and for all.

My unique curriculum is designed to give you sustainable, low maintenance results for your living space as efficiently as possible.

Using proven organizing techniques, we’ll work together to unblock 5 key areas of your living space. By unblocking these areas first, we’ll be able to create a household storage plan that will meet your needs and feel really good to use.

With this framework, you’ll start feeling tangible benefits from our first session, and before you know it, you’ll have achieved these results throughout your primary living space.



It can be tempting to dive right in, bite off more than you can chew, and burn out before you can make the space liveable again. It’s crucial to be able to stabilize your progress if and when life comes calling and you need to put it aside.

If you've ever gone on a decluttering bender followed by a shopping bender, this means you missed the opportunity to understand how the clutter got there in the first place. If this sounds familiar, you need to slow down so you can digest the changes, or you 'll find the clutter creeping back. 

On the other hand, if you work too slowly, you may find it difficult to finally finish, and stay stuck in organizing limbo. You need to build momentum to see things through to the end, and that is what the structure of my program provides.



We know that clutter holds people back, and oftentimes there are a lot of emotions involved.

This is why it can backfire to enlist the help of even the most well-meaning friend or family member. It’s hard to have those necessary moments of honesty with yourself when you’re being watched by someone who is involved in your life.

If you are seeking life changing results, it’s important to have non-judgmental support as you untangle yourself from things that are no longer in alignment with the life you want to build for yourself going forward.

When it comes to your space and your possessions, you and your values come first. My role is to shed light on your choices, and to provide compassionate accountability as we work together to achieve your goals.


Combine these principles and your space will transform.

You start to experience the freedom and beauty of open space. The quality of your home life has a tremendous effect on the rest of your life. Once you make your space your ally, you can move through life with more ease and flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is my space going to look like when we’re done?

It’s going to look however you want it to look! One of my favorite things about my profession is seeing my clients’ personal style come to life over the course of our work. Good organization isn’t necessarily something you can see. I have worked in some very beautiful spaces that might “look organized” to the naked eye - and those clients were struggling all the same.

Truthfully, the better question is: How is it going to feel? One client of mine summed it up perfectly: “Putting things away feels magnetic.” This same client had very little faith in her ability to stick with an organizing system before we started our work together. Check out my expanding gallery of work and follow me on Instagram for even more!


Because of the personal nature of decluttering and organizing, clients must commit to being present and engaged for on-site sessions.


Decluttering, to at least some extent, is part of any organizing project. I’m never going to force you to get rid of anything you don’t want to get rid of. And, yes, I do have tricks up my sleeve for making the most of your available space. That being said, there are times where the volume of stuff simply exceeds the amount of storage space available.

Generally, I find that a space functions best when your storage has some breathing room and isn’t crammed full. I help my clients determine the extent to which decluttering is required to meet their goals and be real about options for moving forward.


To be completely honest with you, that’s actually all the more reason to work with a professional organizer. Organizing without strategies and guidance will often lead you back where you started. The proven strategies I teach will break this cycle so you can get organized efficiently, stay organized for the long term and move on with your life.

I've been in the position where I've had very little time and energy for organization. I completely understand the pace of life that we are up against when it comes to our self care. I know that it can be scary to invest money in getting the help you need to realize your goals. However, a commitment to getting organized really is just that - an investment. An investment that pays off in the future with more space, time, money and energy for the things that matter most; with more joy and less stress. This is in your future if we work together.

The question is, can you really stay stuck in your current situation? If the answer is no, I invite you to sign up for your free discovery session and see how I can help you break this cycle!