Welcome to A Grateful Space! This blog is all about creating more space for flow in your life, including tips and advice for decluttering, home organization, and living an intentional lifestyle. To help you navigate the site, I’ve provided suggested posts for various topics below!

General Decluttering + Home Organization Advice

decluttering challenges + Concerns

Have you been struggling to declutter your space and your life? I will be the first to admit that it’s not easy! There are many obstacles that spring up on this journey. By shining light on the challenges that you may encounter on your decluttering journey, I aim to help you overcome them!

Here are my top decluttering posts.

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Advanced Decluttering: How to Peel Back the Layers of Clutter

Home Organization challenges + Concerns

Lots of people who try to get organized on their own find themselves back where they started within weeks or even days. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you’re not broken. Home organization is both an art and a science, and it can be learned. In my work, I teach clients the strategies that will create a sustainable system - and I offer some of my most valuable tips right here on my blog!

Here are my top home organization posts.

How to Choose Organizing Containers

Is Perfectionism Holding You Back?

living an intentional lifestyle

Why do you want to get organized? Many of us covet a beautifully organized space, but is that the real reason? Probably not. No, in my experience, most people want to declutter and get organized because of the peace and clarity it will provide. They are tired of chasing their tails, and want to live meaningful lives. Helping others live an intentional lifestyle is my absolute favorite part of this work, and one of my favorite topics to write about.

Here are my top intentional living posts.

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You are the Queen of Your Home

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Decluttering + Organizing Advice by Room

Declutter and Organize your Kitchen

When I work with clients, the kitchen is our first stop! This is because it’s one of the easiest places to learn the principles of organization. And, because many of us need to function in our kitchens on an everyday basis, they will feel the success of their efforts right away. While there are lots of practical tips for kitchen organization - it’s truly your mindset that will lead you to success.

Here are my top posts for decluttering and organizing your kitchen.

five mindset shifts for an organized kitchen

Organize Your Kitchen with My New Free E-Book, the Organized Pantry

Declutter and Organize your entryway

This is an area of the home that can really wreak havoc on your daily life if it isn’t functional! Get out the door with ease, and be welcomed back into your space by decluttering and organizing your entryway.

Here is my top post on decluttering and organizing your entryway.

Five Tips for Decluttering and Organizing Your Entryway

Declutter and organize your closet

In my work, I have observed that one of the main reasons why people struggle with their closets is that they are lacking strategy in building a cohesive wardrobe.

In my own experience, I was not able to educate myself on that until I could admit to my desire to look presentable and feel polished. For many years, I believed myself to be unworthy of that, and my wardrobe reflected this belief.

I aim to help clients and readers uncover what’s really holding them back from creating a wardrobe that will serve them, so they can transcend their self-sabotage and find satisfaction in getting dressed every day.

Here are my top posts about wardrobe decluttering and closet organization.

How to rethink your wardrobe

The simple wardrobe strategy that transformed my closet

Declutter and organize your bathroom

The bathroom is an often-overlooked area for decluttering and organization. It’s a small project with a big pay-off! Think about it - you likely use your bathroom several times a day. A functional bathroom provides ease in your daily life.

Here are my top posts about decluttering and organizing the bathroom.

How to save space in your small bathroom

how to streamline your beauty products

decluttering & organizing your office

People have a wide range of office needs - some work from home, while others just need to manage the basics. Either way, despite how far we’ve come with technology, paper and information can still feel like a burden. This category explores some of my best tips for an effective home office, no matter what your needs are.

Here are my top posts about decluttering and organizing the office.

Work from Home? Why You Need a Dedicated Workspace

The Easiest Way to Organize Papers

Decluttering + Organizing Advice by Concern

decluttering & organization for families

Family homes often present additional challenges for decluttering and getting organized. At the same time, this work provides tremendous benefits for family life. The common denominator for maintaining an organized family home? Boundaries!

Here are my top posts about decluttering and organization for families.

how to declutter and get organized during pregnancy

Getting organized with kids, with parenting consultant sarah getoff

How to Deal with Too Many Toys

Decluttering & organization for creatives

Many creative people struggle with clutter and disorganization. I know first hand some of the challenges that can go hand and hand with a creative passion. Some think that organization would be creatively stifling - and in my opinion, it frees you up so you can answer the muse.

Here is my top post about decluttering and organization for creatives.

Feeling creatively Blocked? Try these decluttering tips!

Decluttering & organization for sustainability

Do you wish you could start fresh in life, but worry about the environmental damage you’ll cause by throwing stuff away? You worry about adding to the landfill, and yet, you don’t deserve to live in one. The good news is that if you’re serious aboutH pursuing a sustainable lifestyle, decluttering and getting organized will provide a necessary foundation.

Here are my top posts for decluttering and organizing for sustainability.

How to Let Go of “Perfectly Good” Clutter

Is Decluttering Bad for the Environment?

how to reduce your household waste (without going crazy!)

Decluttering & Organization for Downsizing

Downsizing can be the project of a lifetime. Have you been thinking of downsizing and you’re not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are my top posts about downsizing.

How to prepare for downsizing