Anna is a miracle worker. You know "that closet"? The one where you shove all the things you don't want to deal with? I thought that closet was just going to be like that forever. I never could have gotten through it without her. She steadily supported me through what felt like an overwhelm of stuff (not to mention the emotions tied to them) and helped me clear a path I never could have dreamed of tackling on my own. I now know what's in there, how to access it and what to do with it. I got rid of a TON of things that were not only no longer serving me, but were quietly stealing and leaking my energy. She also helped me take a space that I thought was pretty organized and make it even better and more efficient. In our first session, I casually mentioned how I missed having my herbs front and center in my life but had just kind of resigned myself to the fact that my current house didn't have enough space for that. Two hours later, a dream I had let go of for 6 YEARS became a reality. I couldn't believe it!!! Anna will make your space better, more functional and give you your dreams back in the process. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

tatiana berindei

ashfield, ma

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As working parents of two small children, we felt like our house was consuming us. We spent way too much time and energy putting away clutter and trying to find things with a never-ending to do list. When we would muster up the energy for a cleaning marathon, things would look great for a few days and then the chaos would quickly creep back in. Nothing seemed sustainable. We considered hiring a cleaning service but decided to get to the root of the chaos and invested in Anna instead. In a few short months, she has helped us create sustainable organization systems throughout our home and good habits that we have been able to teach our children. The experience was truly eye opening and has freed up so much space- both literally and figuratively. We finally have a handle on what we own, where to find it and what needs to get done each day. We can have people over without the panicked fire-drill cleaning sessions and we can actually enjoy our space. Anna was the tune-up our home so desperately needed. Invest in your family- you are worth it!


wilbraham, ma


This year I ventured onto the mindfulness path. Ah, so peaceful! But my home was a sticky, cluttered pit-stop that laughed derisively at my efforts and hid my yoga mat under piles of crap. Damn you, ADHD! 

But then I heard about Anna Brunelle's A Grateful Space and (cue the angel music and clouds parting), she worked her magic. But she doesn't just come in and tell you what to do. She takes the time to understand who lives in the house, what your values and priorities are, and what your daily life is like. Then she helps you set up your space in a way that is logical, convenient, beautiful and, most importantly, easy to maintain!  

I learned so much and have a new item to add to my gratitude list: a mindfulness-friendly home.

ylfa perry

northampton, ma

I had a friend who said “why would you pay someone to help you organize? You can do that yourself.” But the simple fact is that in almost 20 years, with my hectic work schedule and kids, there were areas of my house that remained chaotic, especially after downsizing to a condo. Having another pair of hands and a warm, friendly person helping with the task on a regular basis made it so much easier. But to reduce Anna’s contribution to a pair of hands, accountability, and moral support (though all of them important) would do her an injustice. Along the way, she provided insight into strategies to help spaces function more efficiently. She challenged me to think about my belongings in a different way and to assess what I truly needed, without ever pressuring me to take steps for which I was not ready. And she provided practical solutions for trouble spots. The result is a cleaned out, well-organized, highly functional space that is calm and aesthetically pleasing. If you ask me where anything is in my home, I can tell you; And if you ask me what is in any nook or cranny of my home, I can answer that as well (often the answer is… nothing!) As a result of this exercise, I find that I am much more mindful about acquiring more 'things' I do not need, and the result is that I spend less money. And am mindful about how I dispose of items as well. These are all strategies I can carry into any home into which I move next. I could not be happier with the result!


amherst, ma


Anna's guidance and encouragement were crucial in helping me through downsizing my current household possessions and reintegrating into my Amherst home all the stuff that came from closing an apartment I had for years in the DC area . Her suggestions were on point and gracefully offered, and her willingness to pitch in and unpack boxes and pack up what I gave away made all the difference in actually getting it all done.

linda slakey

amherst, ma


I’m someone who considers myself quite organized, but I was curious what insights Anna would have to share about my home. It was very fun having her over! While we did geek out on organizing together, she also helped bring into relief the fact that I can do more to help my son learn organizing habits as well. I’m excited to help him learn how to stay organized, and I have a clear plan to do this. I also cleared out a new space in my bedroom, which makes it feel surprisingly bigger, and I got a new alarm clock. While I could have done these things on my own, I wasn’t prioritizing them until Anna came over. I recommend her to anyone who’s wanting to develop the habits and systems they need to organize their life! And, I am excited to refer clients to her, particularly because of how she helps people move beyond perfectionism and get to the heart of what matters to them. Thank you, Anna!

katherine golub


Greenfield, ma


Six months ago I quit my job to become a solo entrepreneur. Within a short time, living and working from the same three room apartment, I found myself feeling overwhelmed, boxed in, often distracted and unclear about my priorities.

Working with Anna taught me that whatever is going on in our hearts and minds is a direct reflection of what is happening in our space. After making just a few of the simple changes Anna and I discussed, I already feel a sense of clarity and lightness and new possibility emerging in my life and business!

Thank you, Anna, for sharing your unique gifts and talents with me and with the world!

melissa stevens

shelburne falls, ma


Anna is insightful and talented at determining just what you need to create more organization in your life. Her help with organizing my daughter’s space was very useful. My daughter doesn’t often like input into her space. After Anna set up her room and organized her toys, she maintained the changes effortlessly. This was a big change for us. I’m grateful for her assistance and hope to use her again when we are in our new space. Thank you, Anna.

theresa grisanti

northampton, ma

laurabrooks.JPG .jpg

Anna is the person you can feel good about bringing into your cluttered catch all room. She is thoughtful, easy to talk to and understands that the clutter is a result of your life. She not only makes suggestions on how to clear that out, but also how to reorganize in such a way that you are more likely to keep the area free of clutter in the future. Her sensitivity care and insights are just right to give you the support you need. Meet with her! You will be so glad you did!

laura brooks

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 7.13.10 PM.png

I had one desk I simply was stuck on and like a puzzle piece, couldn't figure it out. Anna came in for a consultation and in an hour, had already tidied up and emailed me a plan moving forward on the steps I need to take to achieve my goals! Now I love my desk space and it feels like a new office! Thanks Anna for your talent and patience!

lise lawrence

easthampton, ma


Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 7.17.04 PM.png

Anna has been a tremendous help. Having her help makes manageable a task that would be overwhelming on my own. She has excellent organizational ideas, strikes a great balance between support to keep stuff and encouragement to discard stuff.... Thank you Anna!

sarah getoff

northampton, ma