Why You're Already a Minimalist

Why You're Already a Minimalist

"Are you a minimalist?" 

That is a question I am often asked when people find out that I am a professional organizer. 

The most famous idea behind minimalism is that possessions weigh people down, and prevent them from doing the things they really want to do. That people get so bound up in their stuff - buying it, maintaining it, re-selling it - that it sucks the fun out of life.

Okay, you might guess that I agree with that, and I do. However, this idea can quickly get distorted and stop being helpful.

It's easy to turn this helpful idea into a strict belief system that implies that stuff is "bad." People start having a lot of shame around it. They make lists of how many possessions they own to prove how little space they can take up. This doesn't necessarily make them any more open to life - they're still fixated on their stuff.

How to Travel Like a Minimalist

How to Travel Like a Minimalist

My first taste of living with minimalism was during my semester abroad in college. 

I loved college, but by the fall semester of my junior year, I was totally burnt out. I was ready to leave life behind as I knew it. I was ready to cut the cord with life’s complications. I was ready to spend a semester abroad in my family’s homeland, Greece.

I suspected, but didn’t realize just how liberating it would be to live out of a suitcase for five months. Just me, some clothes, some shoes, a few basic supplies, my journal and my music. I didn’t even bring my cell phone or a computer! 

I felt like I could actually breathe again.