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How to Streamline Your Beauty Products

How to Streamline Your Beauty Products

The hyped promises. The high hopes. The cute packaging. Beauty products can be so exciting to buy.

I know, because beauty products are my thing.

You know, lots of people have a thing that they purchase compulsively. Magazines. Office supplies. Shoes.

Beauty products are my thing.

I've written about it before on the blog. I moved from my parents' house to an apartment in NYC straight out of college with a giant plastic bin full of beauty products.

AKA where my beauty products went to die.

I rarely went in there, unless it was to store something I wasn't using. When I decided to roll up my sleeves and make some space, I realized that there was little chance of me using anything in there.

All of the beauty products I actually used were in my bathroom. Really, the bin was just a pacifier that was temporarily cushioning the blow of throwing stuff away. It had been hard for me to do that, because of all the money that went into those dead-end beauty products.

Why Your Stuff is Creeping Back

Why Your Stuff is Creeping Back

When it comes to decluttering, one of the biggest mistakes people make is to go hard and fast. You decide that you’re going to take a certain amount of time, and rush to get it done. Making space can be exhilarating, but what happens next?

At some point, you start backsliding. You’re not able to maintain the results for the long term. Piles build up, surfaces crowd, and you’re back where you started.

Knowing how much stuff you just purged, you feel uneasy about shopping and bringing more into your space. Some people give up at this point, and decide that decluttering doesn’t work for them. Others find themselves stuck in a cycle of “declutter and re-fill.”