Organize with Me: Extra Linens & Off Season Clothes

Organize with Me: Extra Linens & Off Season Clothes

I am just a couple weeks off from my third trimester, and things are starting to GET REAL. The baby’s kicking, I’ve seen what her face looks like (!!!) and we have the beginnings of a nursery set-up.

And, as it starts getting warmer here in New England, it’s about time to change up our bedding.

All of which has led me to my latest organizing project: the cedar closet in our basement!

This is where, among other things, we store our extra linens and off-season clothing.

Being pregnant has brought forth a lot of changes in both types of storage!

Set Boundaries by Decluttering

Set Boundaries by Decluttering

Have you ever tried to let go of something that you knew deep down you didn't want anymore, but before you even get the chance to put it into a donation pile, a little voice inside your head convinces you to put it back?

I can't get rid of that...

I know the feeling, and many other women do too.

Maybe it's a gift from a loved one. Perhaps it's something you've been storing for a friend or family member until they get a bigger place. Or, it could even be the belongings of a relative who has passed away.

What do all of these situations have in common? They all involve other people's stuff.

How to Declutter and Get Organized During Pregnancy

How to Declutter and Get Organized During Pregnancy

This is a long requested post that I finally feel qualified to write! It's true - I'm expecting my first child in September.

My husband and I feel incredibly blessed. For a long time, we didn't know if it would be possible for us. Now, though, I can see how perfect the timing is.

Confession time. For the first few years of my career, I worried a lot about how I could serve the women I felt called to serve without the experience of motherhood. I remember that being a heavy criticism about Marie Kondo when her book first came out.

I believe that it was easier for me to do this work on my own without young children to look after. I don't think the work I've done is going to make my life more difficult once I'm a mother if my pregnancy has been any indication of what's ahead.

I'm not used to my body not being my own, to needing naps, to needing to eat every couple hours. For better or for worse, I'm used to pushing through to get things done, and I'm realizing that's not a good option anymore.

How to Deal with Too Many Toys

How to Deal with Too Many Toys

Whether parents struggle to keep up with weeding their wardrobes (they are growing so fast!) or their toys seem to keep multiplying, keeping a tidy space when you have kids presents extra challenges.

The gift giving part of the holiday season can put even more stress on family homes.

I get a lot of questions from parents who are overwhelmed about their kids’ stuff, so I figured I would take this time to answer them! Are you in this boat? Read on!