The Organized Pantry

Every week was the same.

I would buy a plastic container of fresh spinach on Sunday, eat a tiny bit on Monday, and then ignore it until it went bad. The following Sunday, I’d throw it out, and start my cycle over again. It felt awful. I wanted to eat my greens and was holding on to the idea of it - but couldn’t seem to bring it full circle and finish the damn container.

Too much fresh food went out that way in my hands. I’d have the best intentions of cooking and eating healthy at the beginning of the week - but I just wouldn’t be able to actually get it together over the course of the week. Not only was my diet deficient in fresh produce, I was all but throwing money away!

I wondered where I was going wrong. When I actually asked the question, I realized that the answer was two-fold. For one thing, my kitchen was a nightmare to work in. And for another, I didn’t have a real plan for how to buy and manage food.

If you want to organize your food storage, you need a plan for buying and managing food in your kitchen.

Now, not only do we generally eat healthier, but my “Ugh I need to figure out dinner" stress that used to take up a lot of my mental energy is GONE.

As a gift to my readers, I am pleased to offer my new free e-book, the Organized Pantry. This short and sweet client fave will help you learn how to apply this concept to your own household kitchen, so you can create space in your pantry, make the most of your food budget, and help the environment by reducing food waste.

In the Organized Pantry, you’ll learn:

  • How to make a plan for buying and preparing groceries you’ll actually eat

  • How to create breathing room in your pantry and refrigerator

  • How to stay organized week after week by mastering your grocery routine

Now, you may be dismayed over the visual and physical chaos in your pantry, which is reason enough to get it under control. But if my story sounds familiar, chances are, you’ll benefit from working through this guidebook.

Click here to receive this gift!

With Love & Gratitude,

Anna Brunelle

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