Save space in a small bathroom

The bathroom is a room that is often overlooked, usually because it's smaller than most of the other rooms in a home. And yet, because the bathroom is usually a smaller room, and it's used multiple times a day, people can really feel the dysfunction if the space isn't used well.

My family shares one small, simple bathroom with very little storage space. I thought at first I would need to add more storage space somehow, but using these tips, we have been able to fit everything comfortably. If you're struggling with a small space bathroom, read on for my best tips.

♡ Streamline Your Stuff

Many of us are in the habit of overstocking on toiletries we don’t use. For me, beauty products have been a source of retail therapy that has had consequences for my space.

Start by breaking your grooming routines (morning, evening, shower) into realistic steps, and identify the products and tools you use for each step. Then give those items priority in your bathroom, before layering in any non-essentials.

♡ Find Alternative Storage Solutions

If you can't fit all of the typical bathroom stuff right in your bathroom, see if you can incorporate it into some household storage nearby.

Personally, I can't fit everything "bathroom related" in my bathroom, so I give priority to the products and tools that I use in there. I'm lucky enough to have a linen closet next to my bathroom that I can use for: towels, extra supplies, back up toiletries, medicine, and first aid.

♡ Give Each Person Their Own Space

If you share your bathroom, it's important that each person has their own space. My husband and I have it relatively easy (for now) - it's just the two of us. We each have a drawer in our bathroom for our stuff. I know that our current configuration will have to change once we have children!

I think back to when I was in college though, and an entire floor of people would share a bathroom. We did just fine! If it's not realistic for everyone in your bathroom to have their own space, consider giving each person their own shower caddy that they can carry their stuff in and out of the bathroom when they use it.

Sometimes it can feel like spaces are "too small," and it may be true that your options are limited for functional storage in your tiny bathroom.

You can still make it work. By streamlining your routine, making sure everyone has a share of space, and maximizing alternative storage spaces, it is possible for it even the smallest, most basic bathrooms to feel relaxing and comfortable.

With Love + Gratitude,