Are you waiting to sell your stuff?

If you have taken the bold step of decluttering your space, at some point you will come to the realization that you’ve spent good money on items that you do not use, want, or need. 

It can be really hard not to dwell on the money that you spent on your clutter.

You reason that because you spent so much money on these items, they must be valuable to someone. Surely you can resell them and recoup at least some of the money you spent.

Sooner or later, reality sets in. Resale takes a lot of time and energy - and often for a lot less money than expected. Too often, people use this as an excuse to hold on to things that they know are in their way.

Decluttering is a practice of letting go.

Letting go can be painful, even more so when money is involved. Yet, when you follow through with decluttering, you open up your space and your life to new possibilities. You really deserve that!

Have you been waiting to re-sell your stuff in order to make some much needed space? Here are some ways to make peace with the situation so you can move forward.

♡ Remember why you’re decluttering 

People have different reasons for decluttering, and chances are, if you’re making this leap, those reasons are very important to you. Don’t keep yourself stuck because of money you may or may not make from this process. The money has already been spent, so look at any money you make from the resale process as a bonus rather than an expectation.

♡ Manage your expectations

While there may be some cases where resale is worth the effort, most of the time people have an inflated sense of how much money they can really recoup from decluttering. Stay grounded and pick your battles. You can regenerate money - you can’t regenerate time. Keep any resale activity as easy as possible.

♡ Tap into generosity

You may not be able to sell your stuff at the price you wanted (or at all), but you can share your abundance with others who need it. I strongly encourage donating your unwanted items if they are in sellable condition. Giving from the heart invites all kinds of positive energy into your life.

♡ Extract the lessons

Your emotions can tell you a lot about yourself. When you feel really bad about money you spent on something, that might be because you are learning that you don’t value something that you thought you valued. Now you know more about yourself. That’s a good thing! You can’t change the past - but you can let it inform the future.

Coping with the money part of decluttering can be incredibly challenging. The good news is, that you can bring yourself a lot of relief by shifting your mindset.

With Love + Gratitude,