How to buy organizing containers

One of my favorite parts of organizing is shopping for containers. I find it so soothing to have a coordinated organizational system that’s pleasing to the eye. When it comes to persisting with habit building and maintaining organizational systems, aesthetics can be very motivating.

Yet, one of the biggest mistakes people make is equating container shopping with organizing.

 You’re at the store and you’re see some cute containers. You think to yourself that you probably have something that could be stored in these cute containers, so you purchase them.

Unfortunately, when containers are purchased without strategy, it’s more likely that they’ll add to your clutter and disorganization.

They’ll sit somewhere “out of the way”, waiting for you to figure out what to store in them. Perhaps you thought to store something in there but turns out it’s not the right size. You might find yourself storing things in these containers without rhyme or reason - and when you need something, you can’t put your hands on it.

Aside from adding an element of serenity-boosting visual cohesion, containers are also important to organizing because they create structure. They help store like items in one place, so they can be stored and retrieved easily. They also set limits for how much real estate you will allocate to any given category. 

Shopping for containers is the last step.

Before you shop for containers, you need to know what you’re storing, how much you’re storing, and where you’ll be storing these items.  I help my clients do the organizing legwork that answers these questions, so they can buy the right containers for their space.

When you think beyond the aesthetic value of containers to consider the roles they play in the structure of your organizational system, you will create a cohesive system that meets all of your storage needs. This will help you put things away and retrieve things much more easily.

With Love + Gratitude,