How to Deal with Too Many Toys

Whether parents struggle to keep up with weeding their wardrobes (they are growing so fast!) or their toys seem to keep multiplying, keeping a tidy space when you have kids presents extra challenges.

The gift giving part of the holiday season can put even more stress on family homes.

I get a lot of questions from parents who are overwhelmed about their kids’ stuff, so I figured I would take this time to answer them! Are you in this boat? Read on!

“How do i figure out which toys they’ve outgrown?”

One way to simplify the problem is to set a limit for how many toys your kid will have at one time. A study run by the University of Toledo confirmed the sentiment of many parenting experts who say that kids get more out of playtime when they have a smaller number of toys.

From there, you can adopt a “one-in, one-out” policy that will encourage them to cultivate the skill of decluttering and enforce the limit you’ve set.

Once you’ve established that limit, and you’re dealing with a smaller number of toys, it’s much easier to research and keep up with the age-appropriateness of their toys.

Want to learn more about how to do this? Read my follow up post here!

“what should i do about relatives giving the kids too many toys?”

It works best to clearly communicate with your family members about your family’s toy policy. It’s most effective to speak with your family members from a compassionate place. They want to be generous and they’re going with what they know, and now you’re the one doing things differently. To help them out, you could suggest gifts to them that are consumable or experience oriented - like an escape game or a fun museum.

“Can we declutter and organize my kid’s room before we get to my room?”

In my programs, I recommend that we work in your own bedroom first. In doing so, you’ll gain the clarity and skills that are needed to successfully help your kid in their room and involve them in the process.

Learning to recognize when you’re done with things and let go of them is a valuable life skill, and yours will become that much stronger by teaching them to your kid after learning them yourself!

“How do I get my kids to buy into an organizing system?”

Kids demonstrate their ability to follow organizing systems in their classrooms at school. If you are having trouble enforcing one at home, I highly recommend getting the support of a parenting consultant. My colleague, parenting consultant Sarah Getoff, gave some great tips in this guest post from earlier this year!

Do you have a decluttering question or an organizing conundrum you want me to answer on this blog? I’d love to hear from you!

With Love & Gratitude,

Anna Brunelle