My approach to organizing works best for particular kinds of people.


Do any of these situations sound familiar?

You want to simplify your life by decluttering your space, but you don’t know where to start. On top of that, you feel guilty about bringing anything new into your space because you feel like you should be getting rid of stuff.

You’ve been making an effort to declutter and have achieved some success, but now you feel stuck. You’re struggling with piles of stuff that move around your space without a final destination, and you're unsure of where to go from here.

Your space is pretty organized, but you find yourself struggling with a problem area. Maybe certain surfaces pile up with all kinds of stuff and it's been a challenge to keep it clear. Or, there’s that one spare room or closet that’s filled with random stuff and is currently unusable for anything else.

You have a home office or studio but you don't like using it. You find yourself taking your work to the couch or the dining room because it's not comfortable to work in there. Meanwhile, your work has been making it difficult to relax in your living room or eat at your dining room table.

You decorated your space beautifully, but all of that pesky clutter is killing the vibe. Rather feel uplifted in the environment you created, you can’t help but fixate on the mess.

You can’t remember the last time your space looked neat. There’s random stuff everywhere, and you feel suffocated. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tolerate and you don't know what to do to fix it.

You have trouble locating crucial items like your keys, wallet, phone, or documents. Too often, you find yourself late to appointments or missing important deadlines, and you need to find a way to make a change.

You spend too much time cleaning and re-organizing. Your efforts always seem to break down sooner or later, leaving you back where you started. You long for stability and it feels out of reach.


My approach works for...


women who live alone or with a partner

working or stay-at-home mothers

professionals who work from home

spaces of any size


Plus, my most successful clients share these values:

You cherish your home life. Your home is a place where you can relax, be yourself, and nourish yourself and others. When your space doesn’t feel like home, it has an impact on your wellbeing.

You’re a lifelong learner. You enjoy acquiring knowledge and cultivating a new skill, especially if it has the power to improve or enhance your life.

You are willing to be patient with yourself and put in effort to achieve lasting results. While you don’t want to spend more time and energy than necessary, you're not interested in band-aid solutions that will lead you back where you started. 

You care about the environment. You recognize that our society’s consumption habits are unsustainable and you want to be part of a change our planet desperately needs.


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