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Professional Organizing in the Pioneer Valley & Western MA

You know, deep down, that your space has an impact on the quality of your life. And right now, you’re struggling.

You have a hard time relaxing at home because you often feel like you’re chasing your tail with endless tasks. Or maybe, you’ve burnt out and can no longer keep up.

When it comes to housekeeping, so much time is spent just dealing with clutter that you barely have any time left for cleaning. You’re uncomfortable, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Your space doesn’t feel like home.

You may have been trying to declutter and get organized for awhile. Sometimes it feels like you make progress, but some how, you end up back where you started - or even further behind.

This situation has been holding you back from living the life you’ve always wanted for yourself. A life with less chaos, stress, and negative energy. A life with more peace, joy, and meaning.

If you’re ready to create more space for flow in your life, you’re in the right place.


Hi, I’m Anna Brunelle!

I’m a Northampton-based professional organizer who believes in living life intentionally.

I turned my life around by taking control of my space. Now I help women from all walks of life break the cycle of clutter and disorganization so they can do the same.

I got my start as a classroom teacher and have since accumulated nearly a decade of teaching experience.

I went on to earn my MA from New York University, study Feng Shui at the American Feng Shui Institute, and train with the National Association of Professional Organizers.

I’ve since adapted and applied Zero Waste practices to my household, which now produces ~6 bags of trash per year. I’ve also consulted on design projects with green architects.

Doing this work has helped me:

♡ Get clear on what I want for my life and make better decisions.

♡ Surround myself with peace and harmony.

♡ Save time, money, and energy.

♡ Develop habits for taking care of myself.

♡ Get perspective on patterns in my life so I can change the ones that aren’t working for me.

…and more!

What Does the Work of a Professional Organizer Look Like?



“Anna will make your space better, more functional, and give you your dreams back in the process. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

- Tatiana Berindei



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