Let go of the things that make you feel dead. Life is worth living!
— Rihanna


But it wasn’t always this way.

My journey to reclaiming my space - and my life - began one evening in 2014. It had been awhile since anyone had visited. I used to be a social butterfly, and while I had less and less energy for that, it was a rare bright spot in my life to host friends at home.

As I sat in my living room with my husband and my friends, I hoped they wouldn't mind that I was dressed down in what I now refer to as my depression uniform: an oversized gray sweater, the same black yoga pants I wore almost every day (even though I hadn't done yoga in forever), no makeup and a messy bun.

As the topic of conversation oddly turned to housekeeping, I became filled with shame as I noticed huge tumbleweed-like dust bunnies lurking in the corners of the room. Those first years of living in my own apartment, I'd taken a lot of pride in my space. It was incredibly painful to realize that I'd let this part of my life go, too.

this was all so much bigger than dust bunnies.

At that time of my life, just about everything felt blocked. I was frustrated with my lack of direction. It felt like I was always running around for other people, only ever having enough energy to crash on the couch in my spare time, numbing myself out with Netflix or Pinterest. 

Well, I didn't have the answers to the *bigger* problems in my life, yet in that moment I became motivated to take pride in my space again. The steps that I needed to take for real changes in my space started to present themselves to me not long after that night.

What I didn't expect was that I would find solutions to many of those *bigger* problems in my life through the work I would do in my space.

I went deep with this work, had some challenging moments, and learned a lot about myself in the process. In 2016 founded A Grateful Space to help women who are struggling with clutter and disorganization create space for flow in their lives so they can get to the heart of what matters to them. 

no matter how overwhelmed you might be right now, I WANT YOU TO KNOW there is a way through.

As a professional organizer, I am self-taught. Since officially entering the field in 2016, I have been a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, where I received training to apply my self-taught skills as a professional.

My desire to unlock the full potential of this work and empower my clients to get the most out of our time together has led me to train with Presence-Based Coaching.

My yoga practice, Feng Shui studies, and passions for self-healing and self-development also inform and inspire my work.

Today, I offer a powerful blend of professional organizing and life coaching, in a unique offering that facilitates deep transformation. I am here to provide a supportive container for you to create a space that's in alignment with your truest self and your highest values.

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I’m so glad you’re here!

With Love + Gratitude,