My name is Anna and I help people of all ages in all stages of life live better in their homes through my organizing consultations and hands-on organizing sessions. Mostly self-taught, I have always had a love for organizing.  I established A Grateful Space in 2016 to spread the benefits of organized living. A professional member of NAPO, I bring nearly a decade of teaching experience and a passion for environmental conservation to my vocation.

Why Get Organized?

Now, it is true that I have always had a love for organizing – but I did not always have a handle on it! Like so many busy people, I found my living space spiraling out of control during my 20s. I felt tortured by the repetitive mundane questions such as “What to wear?” and “What’s for dinner?” in addition to the low-grade stress of always feeling like I had to “pick up.” It seemed like there was never enough time to cook, clean or do laundry, much less relax at home. I constantly made poor decisions for my physical and financial health just to get by on a day-to-day basis and then, to make matters worse, I would berate myself for it. Why couldn’t I just get it together?

Simplicity is the Answer

The phrase “less is more” is cliche for a reason, and yet, ironically, it is much easier said than done. It took me several years, and an obsession with research, to hack my way through these home-centered problems from the inside out before I began to help family and friends with theirs. Now, I am pleased to offer my knowledge, experience, compassion and enthusiasm to help my clients reclaim their space more quickly and easily. Knowing the anxiety I felt when I first began my organizing journey, I start with creating safe and supportive conditions for clients to be honest with themselves about their wants and needs with respect to their home life.

Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Often times, when we think of organization, we think it has to be “perfect.” I believe that perfection is just another word for fragility. A “perfect” organizing system does not make room for change. On the other hand, a good organizing system isn’t just resilient to real life – it improves with time. I focus on creating custom organizing systems that work for real life and all of its changes; and in empowering my clients with the skills they need not only to maintain their systems but to painlessly evolve them as needed.

If You Take Care of Your Space, It Will Take Care of You

Imagine getting dressed in the morning and knowing that everything in your closet will fit and flatter you. Knowing exactly where your keys are as you head out the door. Coming home from work in the evening without a question as to what will be for dinner. Imagine not needing to “pick up” all the time. Not bumping into or tripping over things as you go about your business. Having a handle on your chores. Meeting your financial and health goals because you no longer rely on take out. No longer sabotaging your finances with unnecessary impulse purchases because you know you have everything you need at hand. And channeling all of the energy you’ve been spending on absorbing and recovering from disrupt, to the things you actually want to do in life. When you are ready…I am here to help!